Monday, June 27, 2011

Tiffany and Justin: Married!

Tiffany and Justin were married on Saturday in the Salt Lake Temple and I was privileged to be a part of their special day! We had so much fun celebrating their love and marriage, despite the ca-raaazy wind that kept blowing Tiffany’s bangs all over Salt Lake. Pshh. And so what if Justin was baking in his black suit? Heck, I was drenched in sweat in my shorts and the thinnest shirt my closet had to offer. They were both such good sports and it was a beautiful day.

A huge congrats, you two!
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The nice Lion House baker man gave the bride and groom these drool-worthy brownies!DSC_0334b DSC_0343bDSC_0336b DSC_0361b DSC_0363bDSC_0371b DSC_0369b   DSC_0383b DSC_0387b DSC_0400b DSC_0406bDSC_0407bDSC_0413b DSC_0414b DSC_0418b DSC_0419b DSC_0426bDSC_0436b DSC_0439b
AHHHHhh I love weddings. And people in love. Annnnnd I’d love to photograph yours! Let’s chat.


  1. pretty! i love the ones on the stairs.

  2. These are beautiful! Those brownies look delicious!

  3. Wow, I never realized how beautiful Salt Lake is. Great job!