Thursday, June 30, 2011

Erin’s “I Am Beautiful Because…”

This is Erin. She’s a 20-year-old Spanish major from Georgia and she is my kindred spirit because she has a pink streak. She’s got just a delicious amount of rebelliousness in her, but it’s mixed up with this wonderful thoughtfulness, and I liked her instantly. We had great fun wandering through the freshly sprinkled (or should I say sopping wet) grass and laying down on benches in front of the library. (WHY, why is the grass always soaking wet at BYU? I suppose it is for the express purpose to discourage people like me from stomping on it in hopes of photographic awesomeness. Siiiiiiiigh.)

She is fearless, this woman. I was like, “Can I ask you to do something weird?” at least three times. And she didn’t blink an eye. Superstar.

Here’s what she has to say about why she’s beautiful…
erin DSC_0985b DSC_0991b DSC_0995b DSC_0998b vertical2
Need some high quality pictures of yourself just because you’re fabulous? Let’s do it.


  1. Brooke, these really are incredible. My favorites every time are the really close up head shots. I think I would be nervous to have a camera in my face like that, but these women just shine through your lens. And you capture that! Profesh, you are.

  2. Claire, thank you. Your compliments are so high quality. I love that about you. :)