Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Emily’s “I Am Beautiful Because…”

Emily and her incredibly energetic and joyful little girl Jane came to visit on the first day of the project and from the get go I knew I was gonna like this deal. Emily was an art education major at BYU, and now her and her husband are going to China! There’s some awesome do-your-major-in-China gig that I don’t know a lot about, but it sure sounds fun.

Emily and I had fun oogling over Jane and waiting for the wind to stop blowing—gosh! I will probably never understand the intricacies of Utah weather.

I LOVED her response…
emily DSC_0003bDSC_0072b DSC_0033bDSC_0108b   DSC_0046b  DSC_0089bvertical2 DSC_0103bw DSC_0105b DSC_0107b
Do you have a babe that you need to show off to the world? I’m your woman. Call me. 801.907.0467

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