Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Self Portrait

You can tell everything and nothing about a person by the things they own. I decided to take some photos of some of my favorite possessions and laugh at how they represent me exactly, and, at the same time, not at all. Also, the real story is that I GOT A NEW LENS and it is fab. So I had to try it out. And Jared will probably leave me if I ask him to model for me one more time. What do you think?
DSC_0737b DSC_0720b DSC_0725b DSC_0726b DSC_0727b DSC_0728b DSC_0735b
DSC_0823b DSC_0740b DSC_0743b DSC_0812b DSC_0817b   DSC_0770b DSC_0826b DSC_0824b
The credit goes to Jared for this next picture. He’s decided he’s going to start a competing business, so watch out.
And after some pretty hilarious attempts at a self-portrait, I got this:
DSC_0851b DSC_0851bw
I can’t wait to create gorgeousness with YOU in front of that brand spankin-new lens. So you should talk to me if you want that. Cause I want that. brookebee@gmail.com

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