Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bianca + Greg—Engaged! Part Two

 biancagreg 315bw biancagreg 332b DSC_1171bDSC_1116b DSC_1151b DSC_1152b DSC_1162b
Oh, the happiness, the joy! :)

Bianca + Greg—Engaged! Part 1

My oh my do I have a treat for you. Not only are Bianca and Greg madly in love, they are supremely photogenic and dashingly good looking. Plus they love to laugh, which makes my job a piece of cake.
Congrats you two!
 biancagreg 007bbiancagreg 053b  
  biancagreg 080b biancagreg 085b biancagreg 089b biancagreg 094b  biancagreg 105b
biancagreg 108b biancagreg 071b biancagreg 136b  biancagreg 160bbiancagreg 166b
biancagreg 188bbiancagreg 174bw   biancagreg 200b  biancagreg 230bw biancagreg 243bbiancagreg 264b   biancagreg 283b biancagreg 294b biancagreg 305b

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bianca + Greg: Sneak Peak!

Bianca is my darling coworker and dear friend—her and her fiance Greg are to be wed in April and guess what? I’m taking their pictures.
They were so fun to be with and were such troopers in the cold!
A few from our engagement session today to whet your appetite:
More of these to come! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kaylie and LJ—Maternity LOVE shoot

They love each other. They love Gabey baby. (He’s in Kaylie’s belly, k?)
Plus they are fabulous models.
HEY! You don’t have to be pregnant to get cho picture taken. You just have to be happy. That’s it!
Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Yeah, okay. So email me, and fantabulous photos of your own can be yours.kaylieljjan2011 076b
kaylieljjan2011 021b
kaylieljjan2011 044b 
kaylieljjan2011 145b
kaylieljjan2011 084b
kaylieljjan2011 209b kaylieljjan2011 259b kaylieljjan2011 216b
kaylieljjan2011 114bkaylieljjan2011 154b
kaylieljjan2011 158b kaylieljjan2011 164bkaylieljjan2011 169b
kaylieljjan2011 167bw kaylieljjan2011 188bkaylieljjan2011 182b
kaylieljjan2011 173bkaylieljjan2011 128bbkaylieljjan2011 133bkaylieljjan2011 323b
kaylieljjan2011 318b  kaylieljjan2011 314b  kaylieljjan2011 328b          
Brooke Schultz wants to take your picture! Email to chat about your very own, very free photo session.