Friday, March 26, 2010

Garrett & Alisha…part 1

I was so so excited when Gar asked me to take engagement pictures for him and his incredible Alisha. What beautiful, wonderful people. It is luck we get to be with each other foreva.
oh, and stay tuned for more. :)
garrisha 034b garrisha 005b
garrisha 010b
 garrisha 015bb 
garrisha 028b 
garrisha 011b
garrisha 025b
garrisha 026b
  garrisha 039b
garrisha 048b
garrisha 056b
garrisha 016b   garrisha 070b garrisha 071b
garrisha 072b garrisha 073b
 garrisha 104b
garrisha 103b
garrisha 085bb garrisha 088bb
garrisha 093b
garrisha 097b
garrisha 098b 
garrisha 126b
garrisha 132b
garrisha 128b
garrisha 129b
garrisha 123bb
I love them. good thing they love each other.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

alright, impromptu photoshoot.

From a while ago, again. But I can never resist her beauty.
nedaw newsletter kaylie 010b
nedaw newsletter kaylie 012b
misc pictures 037b
   nedaw newsletter kaylie 003b nedaw newsletter kaylie 004b 
misc pictures 038b
I love you, miss Kaylie Jean.