Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alysha+Blake+Wyatt: Together!

Meet Alysha and Blake. They are hard at work BYU students with an adorable baby boy named Wyatt. They are fun. Also cool. Also very nice when I asked them to sit in wet grass.
And I just couldn’t get enough of this treeeeee!!
How cute are they????
   alysha blake 022b  alysha blake 030b alysha blake 031b alysha blake 036b  alysha blake 003bb alysha blake 119balysha blake 122balysha blake 043b alysha blake 071bwalysha blake 053b alysha blake 063b   
 alysha blake 149b alysha blake 170balysha blake 189bb  alysha blake 229b alysha blake 277b alysha blake 341b   

I love photographing love.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Gabe: Birth Story

Gabriel was born on March 6th to the most wonderful parents I can imagine. (Alright, alright, his mom is my best friend. No biases here.) Blessedly the labor wasn’t too long and Kaylie is recovering just wonderfully.
He is so cute! You can see for yourself. OH my gosh we’re all in love.
 gabe 012b    gabe 030b gabe 003bgabe 035bw  gabe 007bgabe 050bw gabe 056b gabe 057b gabe 053bgabe 059bw
gabe 020bb
OHHHHHHHHHH it made me want a little Gabe of my own to have and to hold! Someday.
Congratulations, you two. Love.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kaitlyn + Scott—Maternity!

Kaitlyn and Scott are in love so they’re havin a baby!Also, they’re married, which helps a lot. I loved seeing them so happy together, and they were great sports when I was like, “Get down in that little window well!” and, “Kaitlyn I know you’re very pregnant but can you twist your body in this very uncomfortable way” and, “Let’s go down this dingy alleyway!” where the window was pretty much about to fall down on them.
Oh, the things we will do for good pictures.
kaitlynscott 016b kaitlynscott 017b kaitlynscott 013b
kaitlynscott 092bw
kaitlynscott 079bwkaitlynscott 037b kaitlynscott 061b   kaitlynscott 100b kaitlynscott 113b kaitlynscott 116b kaitlynscott 157b
kaitlynscott 164bkaitlynscott 218b kaitlynscott 244b
kaitlynscott 252b  
kaitlynscott 271b  kaitlynscott 336bkaitlynscott 344b
 kaitlynscott 343b
I can’t wait to see little Landon! Congrats you two!
OH, and if you yourself are expecting and are refreshed by the lack of nudity and pulled-up-shirts, give me a jingle. Or an email.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alysha+Blake+Wyatt—Sneak Peak!

Baby Wyatt is so adorable…and so are his parents! What a precious little family.
alysha blake 343b
alysha blake 345b
alysha blake 346b 
And, you know the drill…more to come very soon!