what to wear...

Deciding what to wear for pictures can be daunting--especially if you are coordinating with other people! Here are some tips about what works for photographs and what doesn't.
As always, rules are made to be broken--but you've been warned. 

Good ideas:
  • Wearing outfits in the same color family (light blue and dark blue, etc.) or with the same accent color
  • Something textured--the camera loves ruffles, tweed, thick knit, etc.
  • Solids or simple, small patterns
  • That little black dress!
  • Fitted clothing – baggy will just make you look bigger than you are
  • Comfortable clothes you can sit, stand, run, and jump around in
  • Nice jeans paired with a dressy top
  • Accessories--think interesting necklaces, jackets, hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc.
  • Jewelry
  • Multiple outfits of varying colors, fanciness, etc. However: if you have one outfit you just love, don't bring another one! You'll get pictures you love with the outfit you didn't love as much, and the pictures of the less-beloved outfit will just go to waste.
  • Layers--bring on the vests, ties, scarves, cardigans, and tights! The nice thing about layers is that you can add and subtract without having to go through the whole ordeal of changing.
  • A little more makeup than you think you need--that extra swipe of mascara, touch of powder, and layer of lipstick go a long way in photos.
Bad ideas:
  • Bright white shirts (ivory or off-white photograph much better)
  • Big patterns or horizontal stripes
  • Anything with words or logos
  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Shirts with short hemlines – the bottom edge of the shirt should hit at your hips or lower
  • Short skirts, low necklines, anything even remotely risqué--make sure you are comfortable moving around in the clothes you choose!
  • Exact matching outfits--for couples or families! You'll only date yourself.
  • More than two or three outfits. There's usually not enough time or places to change--and I know you like one of those outfits more than the other!
  • Something that's not "you". I can't begin to describe all the family photos in which I was stuck wearing something I hated just because it went with the color scheme. Plan ahead, and make sure everyone involved in your shoot is thrilled about what he or she is going to wear. It's the only way you'll keep loving your photos year in and year out! 
Things you might want to bring with you:
  • Flip flops (if you plan on wearing heels, to walk around in while we’re in between photos)
  • Change of clothes if desired
  • Ponytail holder in case of wind
Other things to know: 
  • Making sure outfits go together is one of the trickiest things--remember: same color family/accent color, same level of dressiness
  • Guys, if you plan on tucking your shirt in, make sure the shirt fits you well and is not baggy, or you might end up with a muffin-top effect. 
  • Be aware of your location, and dress appropriately. If you’re going somewhere very edgy and urban, wear something sophisticated and dressy. If you’re going somewhere artsy and whimsical, go for trendier styles and fun layers. If you’re going somewhere natural like a park, wear something more romantic and light. 
  • When in doubt, I am happy to help--let me know what you're thinking before the shoot and we'll figure out something you'll love.
*adapted from Stacy Reeve