Thursday, September 8, 2011

And She Doesn’t Like Having Her Picture Taken.

Tiffany is our newest designer/social media/general awesomeness woman here at Women’s Services. I loved taking her picture, because she was like, “I don’t like having my picture taken!” And helllo. She is beautiful and incredible.

Dear World. Please know that if you don’t like having your picture taken I understand—and that I believe it is always the photographer’s fault if you don’t look good. Always. Pressure’s off you, lovelies.

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  1. She's gorgeous! Brooke you are fantastic. Some day I'm going to ask you to make me look this good.

    Ask her where she got that shirt, and that nail polish :).

  2. I was just reading Tiffany's blog, cause she is marrying a friend of mine from home anyway, I saw these pictures on her blog and I was thinking they looked familiar, and viola, you took them. Brooke, love your photos!