Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Can’t Get Enough

Soooo…this just goes to show how in love I am with Gabriel Sikahema. Along with the rest of the breathing world. Gracious, this child is cute. It helps if you have gorgeous parents, I suppose…
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Erin’s “I Am Beautiful Because…”

This is Erin. She’s a 20-year-old Spanish major from Georgia and she is my kindred spirit because she has a pink streak. She’s got just a delicious amount of rebelliousness in her, but it’s mixed up with this wonderful thoughtfulness, and I liked her instantly. We had great fun wandering through the freshly sprinkled (or should I say sopping wet) grass and laying down on benches in front of the library. (WHY, why is the grass always soaking wet at BYU? I suppose it is for the express purpose to discourage people like me from stomping on it in hopes of photographic awesomeness. Siiiiiiiigh.)

She is fearless, this woman. I was like, “Can I ask you to do something weird?” at least three times. And she didn’t blink an eye. Superstar.

Here’s what she has to say about why she’s beautiful…
erin DSC_0985b DSC_0991b DSC_0995b DSC_0998b vertical2
Need some high quality pictures of yourself just because you’re fabulous? Let’s do it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kayla’s “I Am Beautiful Because…”

Kayla is just about the spunkiest, funniest, most endearing girl I’ve met during this project. She is so open and real and it we just giggled—we even tried to get a photo of her doing a handstand, but, alas, these will have to suffice.

And her response is reflective of so many women I've met--women in general just want to help other people and do good things. Which is absolutely beautiful to me.
Here’s her response…

kaylaDSC_0795b DSC_0842bDSC_0912b DSC_0920bDSC_0919bDSC_0922b DSC_0931bDSC_0929b DSC_0930b
Kayla, be my bffl?

Donald Trumps Obama

There are apparently about a hundred people who want to be our president in 2012.

But when Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring I was just tickled. Not only by his hair, but his arrogance and constant talk of how proud he is…of himself. I would honestly be more pleased with an inanimate object dubbed as the president than Donald Trump. He makes me puke a little bit every time I see him.

Even though he is slightly puke-inducing, he is very entertaining. I spent many a night giggling with Jared at the Comedy Central spoofs about his hair. Truth be told, his hair is far more interesting than his politics.

But why are you blogging about this now, you’re asking yourself? Trump is way old news. Get with it.

Well, a certain gentleman has taken it as his personal life mission to promote Mr. Donald as the legitimate president of our country. He can be found in Park City, still touting this sign even though Trump himself apparently doesn’t want to be the president anymore.


Is he a gem or what?

He was absolutely one thousand percent serious. He wants the birth certificate blood hound/YOU’RE FIRED!/cockiest jerk in the world to run our country.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the other side of the sign—it said, “Donald Trumps Obama”.

All I can say is, good luck.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tiffany and Justin: Married!

Tiffany and Justin were married on Saturday in the Salt Lake Temple and I was privileged to be a part of their special day! We had so much fun celebrating their love and marriage, despite the ca-raaazy wind that kept blowing Tiffany’s bangs all over Salt Lake. Pshh. And so what if Justin was baking in his black suit? Heck, I was drenched in sweat in my shorts and the thinnest shirt my closet had to offer. They were both such good sports and it was a beautiful day.

A huge congrats, you two!
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The nice Lion House baker man gave the bride and groom these drool-worthy brownies!DSC_0334b DSC_0343bDSC_0336b DSC_0361b DSC_0363bDSC_0371b DSC_0369b   DSC_0383b DSC_0387b DSC_0400b DSC_0406bDSC_0407bDSC_0413b DSC_0414b DSC_0418b DSC_0419b DSC_0426bDSC_0436b DSC_0439b
AHHHHhh I love weddings. And people in love. Annnnnd I’d love to photograph yours! Let’s chat.