Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Donald Trumps Obama

There are apparently about a hundred people who want to be our president in 2012.

But when Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring I was just tickled. Not only by his hair, but his arrogance and constant talk of how proud he is…of himself. I would honestly be more pleased with an inanimate object dubbed as the president than Donald Trump. He makes me puke a little bit every time I see him.

Even though he is slightly puke-inducing, he is very entertaining. I spent many a night giggling with Jared at the Comedy Central spoofs about his hair. Truth be told, his hair is far more interesting than his politics.

But why are you blogging about this now, you’re asking yourself? Trump is way old news. Get with it.

Well, a certain gentleman has taken it as his personal life mission to promote Mr. Donald as the legitimate president of our country. He can be found in Park City, still touting this sign even though Trump himself apparently doesn’t want to be the president anymore.


Is he a gem or what?

He was absolutely one thousand percent serious. He wants the birth certificate blood hound/YOU’RE FIRED!/cockiest jerk in the world to run our country.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the other side of the sign—it said, “Donald Trumps Obama”.

All I can say is, good luck.

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