Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Trifle: A Tale of Dessert

I went to the grocery store with the love of my life and he was like, “You know what I used to love? Those mud dessert things, with the pudding and the Oreos and the gummy worms.”

We were in the pudding aisle—I should confess that I hate pudding and my nose scrunches at the sight, but this particular evening I had a strange hankering for pudding. (Um…pregnant? You’re asking in your brain. And I will just spoil your fun and tell you sorry, tiger, nope.)

So we bought the pudding and the Oreos and decided we were way too cool for the gummy worms.

Night #1 I started with this: crushed up oreos, chocolate pudding, and strawberries. Pretty great-sounding, yes? Yes. And it was great. But there was something missing. Besides the fact that mine was in a banana split dish and Jared’s was in a little glass, I just knew I could do better and do those ingredients justice.

That’s when night #2 makes its entrance in this saga. I have a writing group once a week with my people—just the four of us, we sit there and pour our souls out in ink and paper. It is the most soothing, uplifting experience. And we also create food for each to partake of. So my brain was like YES, I will make up a delicious variation on the trifle I made yesterday in that wimpy glass.

And you can behold the results below.

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Supremely easy, I was unsure how it was actually going to taste, but BAM it was delicious and I may or may not have eaten as a second breakfast the next day. Don’t tell my health-loving husband. Yuuum.

So here is the recipe, if you could even call it that. Gosh, who am I kidding when I do these food blogging gimmicks? The truth is, I make stuff up and hardly ever follow a recipe, and always feel awkward whenever friends want to exchange ideas of a cooking nature, because I always just use whatever I have and see how it goes. Anyway, you’ve been warned. Here’s my pathetic attempt at a recipe:

Summer Trifle
One package instant chocolate pudding, prepared
Half pint (I think?) whipping cream, whipped up. With sugar to taste.
Like, 7 crushed up Oreos
One Cosmic brownie*, broken up
One banana, sliced
8 or 9 or 10 or a billion strawberries, sliced, plus one for garnish

1. Layer crushed oreos on the bottom of your gorgeous container
2. Put the pudding on top of the Oreos
3. Break up the Cosmic brownie across the pudding
4. Layer sliced strawberries next.
5. Whipped cream time!
6. Slice up bananas on top of the whipped cream
7. Add a whopping extra dollop of cream, and top with garnish strawberry
8. Sprinkle with Oreos and chocolate shavings if desired

Oh my. I don’t know if anyone could replicate it with those directions, but really. It was so delicious. So invent your own summer trifle and tell me about it!

*YES. Cosmic brownies are the Little Debbie brownies with the neon colored chips sprinkled in them. They are probably made of plastic but I like them at times. You could use real brownies, and probs that would be way more great for everyone involved. But, since I was making it all in such a small dish, I decided to use these (probably) cancer-infested goodies.

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