Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gillian’s “I Am Beautiful Because…”

I am doing this amazing project for Women’s Services for our Recapturing Beauty campaign. We’re featuring women’s completion of the sentence: “I Am Beautiful Because…” annnnnnd it has been supremely fun and also downright awesome so far. I have met so many incredible women already, and today is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more.

Meet Gillian. She’s the mother of a two-year-old with one on the way! She burst into the office exclaiming, “I’m so barfy!” And still she looked incredible. She just graduated with her Master’s degree in Social Work, and lives in Springville with her family.

She has the thickest, most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen in real life. I couldn’t get enough!

Here’s Gillian’s response to the prompt
 gillian   DSC_0416b DSC_0417b   DSC_0439b  DSC_0456b vertical2
DSC_0468b  DSC_0412bDSC_0415b   DSC_0432b DSC_0437b DSC_0446b
And alright, so we said the deadline was today…but you can still submit your responses via email to

So go on! Do it! (P.S. You can submit more than one completion of the sentence. This is pretty much the best project ever. Plus you get free photos if we choose you! From me! So what the heck are you still reading this for?!)


  1. These pictures are beautiful! You do a great job of capturing peoples personalities! And from the post below your detail shots are amazing! Great work!
    -Alyssia Baird

  2. Thanks Alyssia! You are too kind.