Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gabe the Babe: Utah Baby Photography

I am absolutely melting over the pictures I took of little Gabe yesterday. He is the most adorable little baby and was so good during the pictures, eyes wide open and flashing that gummy heartbreaker smile. He was born in March and has grown so much since then!! I can’t even believe my eyes.

He just looks like a little person now! His momma is named Kaylie. She is my best friend—we met at Lehi High School when I was the awkward new kid. We just knew we were soul mates. She met her other (real) soul mate right after she met me when she was fifteen and he was sixteen. They were high school sweethearts and they love each other a lot and now they have a baby named Gabey and YES. They are just the greatest people on the earth and their baby is a dream.

His chubby cheeks are not wont for kisses.DSC_0053bwDSC_0063b DSC_0064bDSC_0072b DSC_0077b DSC_0083b DSC_0084bDSC_0073b DSC_0076bDSC_0042b DSC_0043bDSC_0027bwDSC_0082b
More of these to come!


  1. your photography is beautiful, Brooke. Great work!

  2. Um HELLO?! Best photo shoot yet. I am in love with these pics of the babe. Also in love with that smile he's doing these days.

    These photos make me want to have a baby just so you could photograph her. I'm proud to have such an accomplished picture taker as a friend :)

  3. Thanks for putting a smile on my face, you two.