Friday, June 17, 2011

Addie’s “I Am Beautiful Because…”

Addie was an absolute DELIGHT to work with. I loved her spunk and her cute outfit and talking to her I just felt like we were old friends. She’s a recreation management major, and runs a window washing company! And she is just plain nice. I love those people! Then, icing on the cake, her hair is gorgeous and flowy, the light was all glowy, and I just kept squealing and yelping, “YES! THAT’S AWESOME! KEEP GOING!”
I’m cool.
It was so great because at the beginning she was like, “You should just know I’m like the least photogenic person ever.” And I was like, “If you don’t look good, it’s the photographer’s fault, not yours. So pressure’s off you, girl.” And BAM.
See for yourself.addieDSC_0301bDSC_0339b   DSC_0308b DSC_0313b   DSC_0353bw DSC_0357bw DSC_0397b vertical2 DSC_0433b DSC_0453b
Addie will now be available for modeling gigs around Utah County. Just kidding. But really—I would not be surprised. How do I get so lucky to work with such incredible people?!
Basically my life is awesome. (You want in? I’m still available some weekends in June and I want to take your pic. So pick me. Kcool.)


  1. Wow! These are so awesome, and she is beautiful!

  2. She is beautiful! Great job to both model and photographer :-)

  3. i love her outfit! great job brooke!

  4. Addie, Addie, Addie! I know her! I love her!
    My dear, these photographs are exceptional. I very much love this whole project you're doing.

    Way to capture the beauty of this world.