Monday, June 20, 2011

Father’s Day

Hey, Dad! You are the best. I hope the suit socks I gave you told you so.

And even though you make fun of me for taking pictures of everything, you know you like it. You can’t resist posing when there’s a camera around…and we all benefit from it. Plus you are still a handsome devil even after all these years, and I’m pretty sure Alaina’s mom still has a crush on you. (ewwwwwwwwwwww.)

Did I mention the steak was made by my fifteen year old brother? As well as those rolls? Ummm, yeah. My mom trains those boys up in the ways they should go. Texas sheet cake made by yours truly! I was so proud.

DSC_0137b DSC_0138b DSC_0139bDSC_0163b  DSC_0142b DSC_0144b DSC_0145b DSC_0146b DSC_0148b DSC_0149b DSC_0150b DSC_0152b 
My dad is so silly. This is Brennon showing his painting of Jesus to our neighbor Kathy. Also, Brennon is an expert Etch-A-Sketcher. His specialty is weaponry.
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They’re laughing hysterically at a song from the 70s called “Muskrat Love.” It was ridiculous and they were remembering what a hit it was. My family is the best.
Is your family the best? Want me to take pictures of them? Okay. Deal.

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