Monday, June 20, 2011

Rebecca’s “I Am Beautiful Because…”

When we read Rebecca’s response in the office we all just sat with our mouths open for a little bit.

“We have to get her,” LaNae said. I just grinned. My email reply was littered with exclamation points.

After the first few pictures I took of Rebecca I put my camera down and just stared at her. “You’re a natural!” I told her, almost accusingly—she was so comfortable with the camera and kept doing these amazing things that all made me just keep saying, “YES!” over and over. She made my job so easy. She lives in Salt Lake with her family and made the trek down to do the photo session. Rebecca attended BYU back in the day, and her dad is a professor here now in the music department, so we had oodles to talk about.

Gosh, I can’t stop gushing about her. She has an aura of wisdom, but it’s so coated in kindness you’d never feel intimidated. Rebecca, it was an absolute JOY photographing you.

rebeccaDSC_0020b  DSC_0074bDSC_0016b   DSC_0060b  DSC_0071b  DSC_0082b DSC_0119b  DSC_0973b DSC_0991b DSC_0996b
I am continually amazed at the women I am meeting through this project—it has been incredible, to say the least.

AND guess what? I also want to meet YOU. So we can make some pretty, pretty pictures that you will love forever. Let’s do it!

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