Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Britt’s “I Am Beautiful Because…”

When Britt walked into the office I was just a little bit…floored. Because, well, she looks like a model.

Turns out she used to be a model! And you can see why. The problem is that people have this illusion that if they were as gorgeous as Britt, they would be happy and totally accept themselves 100% 24/7. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and stop telling yourself those lies. The reality is: every woman grapples with her appearance and has something she hasn’t liked about herself at one time or another. The trick is realizing that the secret is not in getting prettier, thinner, or whatever else—it’s in becoming more accepting, compassionate, and loving toward yourself.

Britt just finished her first year of law school and plans to open her own firm someday, solely dedicated to disability advocacy. And she is buying a house in Saratoga Springs with her husband—and my family lives out there! Maybe they will be neighbors.

Here is Britt’s take on the prompt…britt DSC_0198b DSC_0207bDSC_0204bDSC_0202b   vertical2   DSC_0214b DSC_0219b DSC_0234b DSC_0283bDSC_0241b DSC_0250b DSC_0256b  DSC_0308bDSC_0286b   DSC_0319b DSC_0320b DSC_0323b DSC_0317bDSC_0354b
Thank you, Britt, for letting me in on your life and your beauty!

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