Friday, September 2, 2011

A Rhubarb Love Story

We drove what felt like a hundred miles, and my butt was a little bit asleep. My eyes ached from looking at lame stuff like homework all day. But finally, me and my man; even on a road trip so unglamorous, it felt good to be in the same vicinity as the resident favorite human being in my life.

Stopped off at my parents' house and emerged with tomatoes vivid red, squash, and stalks of rhubarb from Momma's garden. The rhubarb was long and skinny and stuck out of  the lil plastic bag it was carried in.

And on the way back to our apartment, we blasted this song and let our vocal chords belt it out as loud as they felt like. And there, riding down I15 with my love and the rhubarb stalks growing up from the plastic bag like gargantuan celery stalks, I felt the same rush I did when I was nineteen and first fell in love with this boy.

It felt so, so good.
I made the most delicious crisp with that rhubarb.


  1. You are beautiful!!!! Your dress looks way awesome! I want to see more of your wedding pictures!:) I also think you take really great pictures.

  2. Thanks Kaylie! Compliments always mean a lot coming from other photographers :)