Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bianca + Greg—Engaged! Part 1

My oh my do I have a treat for you. Not only are Bianca and Greg madly in love, they are supremely photogenic and dashingly good looking. Plus they love to laugh, which makes my job a piece of cake.
Congrats you two!
 biancagreg 007bbiancagreg 053b  
  biancagreg 080b biancagreg 085b biancagreg 089b biancagreg 094b  biancagreg 105b
biancagreg 108b biancagreg 071b biancagreg 136b  biancagreg 160bbiancagreg 166b
biancagreg 188bbiancagreg 174bw   biancagreg 200b  biancagreg 230bw biancagreg 243bbiancagreg 264b   biancagreg 283b biancagreg 294b biancagreg 305b

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