Friday, July 15, 2011

This is your last chance, peeps.

A huge thanks to all who entered the giveaway! I am going to have a hard time picking—you all have such awesome ideas, and heartbreaking stories about not ever doing engagements and not having your wedding pictures back after 5 months…YIKES! I wish I could fire all the bad photographers in the world who do lame things like that.

And now, onto the most important news of the day:

Remember how all my sessions have been half price so I could build my portfolio?

Today is your last day to get in on that. For real.

That means if you’ve already booked a session you’re not affected, BUT, if you haven’t, today is the absolute last day to book a session at the current prices. Tomorrow, there will be no portfolio-building discount and there will be no way to get it back. (*tears!*)

DSC_0124All of this is code for: EMAIL ME RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND if you want to book a session at the current 50% off prices. After midnight tonight, they will be gone forever and ever into a black hole of nothingness. Poof. Just like that.

P.S. If you entered the love session giveaway, I know what you’re thinking: “Holy moley, I really want to book a session because Brooke is awesome and I want fabulous documentation of me and the one I love to cherish forever and ever. But I don’t know if I won the giveaway yet! I don’t want to book a session and then have to pay if I win the giveaway, because that would be so silly.” And I totes agree with you. SO. If you entered the giveaway and want a session, email me just in case, and if you win, of course we will scratch it all and you won’t pay a cent. Deal? Cool. Great. LOVEs.


This is my tough face. This face means business.


  1. I really want to do a session :) what is your email?

  2. Oh, I'm so excited, Amber! :)
    It's brookebee at gmail dot com.