Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My house flooded yesterday. Just a little bit.

Just our carpet was a little bit soaking wet. Just we had to gather up a multiplicity of fans to air out the room so we don’t grow mildew. No big deal.

But really, everyone was so nice about it and hopefully it’s all going to be fixed without any major trauma or mental breakdowns or legal actions. And only our feet got wet; no one was drowning. Still, I was kinda ticked at that carpet pad for getting all wet without my permission and encroaching on my supposed-to-be reeeelaxing snuggly night with my husband.

Pretty things make me feel better…because right now, that carpet with all the fans and the stuff all knocked around is anything but.
DSC_0002-1b DSC_0003b
Hope your Wednesday is wonderful! What are you up to?

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