Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hailee’s Two-Year-Old Photos

Anna had me out last night to take some photos of her two-year-old, Hailee and a few of their family. Anna did a bit of her internship at Women’s Services when she was getting her Ph.D and we became instant friends, probably because she is just so real and likable. We share so many passions—don’t get us talking about plastic surgery!—and I feel so connected to her, so I was thrilled at the chance to see her again and meet her family.
Thank you, Chad and Anna, for being so kind and having me out!

The evening was gorgeous and the light was perfect! (Luckily we sidestepped that ca-raaazy rain/thunder/lightning storm that had Jared wake me up to pick him up at the grocery store because he couldn’t ride his bike for fear of being struck.)

And even if Hailee was suspicious of me the whole time and wouldn’t look at me, she stole my heart immediately. More of these to come!
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Do you have a little one you want to capture? You say the word and I’m there. brookebee @ gmail . com

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