Monday, July 11, 2011

Bergen’s Two-Year-Old Photos

While I was out in the Salt Lake area with the Packard clan, we decided to make it a double decker and get some pictures of Anna’s friends, Sarah and Bergen.
Bergen warmed up to me immediately and had the cutest way of saying “Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese” and looking anywhere but at me. She loved playing in the field and especially playing in the dirt. She and Hailee are buds and it was so cute to see them together.
I never ceased to be amazed at how darn nice everyone is to me. Sarah made me feel like we’d known each other forever when I got there and made me feel right at home. What a fun day it was!
DSC_0567b DSC_0571b DSC_0573b DSC_0575bDSC_0578b DSC_0598b DSC_0587b DSC_0591b DSC_0602b DSC_0592b DSC_0594b DSC_0616b DSC_0601b DSC_0618b DSC_0620b DSC_0607b DSC_0644b DSC_0626b DSC_0631b
These last three are probably my favorites from the day. Bergen took off her shoe because it had dirt all up in it, and then was carrying it around and making the funniest faces.
DSC_0672b DSC_0706b DSC_0708b
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