Friday, July 15, 2011

Sam + Tyler—Groomals

Sam and Tyler were sweet enough to have me along while I assisted the lovely Alyssia of Alyssia B Photography. They’re getting married in less than two weeks and they are so in love! Plus they are hilarious, which always makes it fun. Life, I mean.

Even though the mosquitoes were eating all of us alive and Sam was pretty sure her blood was going to be sucked completely dry, the pictures were definitely worth it. Despite the dirt bikers and cars honking, Samantha and Tyler were such good sports and trooped all over everywhere so we could get the best shots. I cannot forget Sam’s mom, Susie, who came along and helped expertly with equipment so I could shoot more. Susie, you are a lifesaver. And an angel. And awesome. Wow.

How gorgeous is this couple? Yes, I know. Gorgeous.
DSC_0001b DSC_0024b DSC_0036b DSC_0037b DSC_0039b DSC_0053b DSC_0055b
A hilarious moment—these two were making me giggle all night.DSC_0063b DSC_0076b
And um, Samantha. Hello? Are you listening? Because you are SO beautiful. Sheesh.DSC_0072b DSC_0066b  DSC_0071b DSC_0136b  DSC_0148b DSC_0079b DSC_0093b DSC_0130b DSC_0124b DSC_0131bDSC_0127b DSC_0114b DSC_0164b  DSC_0174b DSC_0200b
Oh m’gosh I was melting over these next two.
DSC_0183b DSC_0188b DSC_0218b DSC_0258b DSC_0252b DSC_0219bDSC_0237b DSC_0239b DSC_0298b DSC_0292b  DSC_0308b DSC_0306b DSC_0294b DSC_0310b
A huge congratulations, Sam and Tyler!

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