Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Potato Tornadoes and Other Tales of The Fourth.

The fourth of July is my favorite favorite holiday. Mostly, I just love fireworks and it’s the epitome of summer, but the face that our country happened is awesome too. Just kidding.

We went to Freedom Days with our dear friends Brendan and Jamie, who are hilarious and fabulous in every way. I was roasting hot, but it was so fun to see all the people selling their airbrush tattoos and their $5 sunglasses. Plus there are actual rides! This first picture is Jared’s reaction to the swinging merry-go-round. Bahah. Other wonderfulness that freedom days has to offer: Potato Tornadoes, a very nice man playing the accordion in patriotic gear, and really awful country music. (Really. Even people who like country music wouldn’t like this stuff. I felt bad about it.)

The rooftop concert series was next on the docket, and all I have to show for that is a picture of my feet while we were waiting for Sarah Sample and the Beatles coverers to start.

After biking to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks and getting free Chick-Fil-A from the very nice owner who was sitting behind us and teaching a Gospel Doctrine lesson and spending the night at my parents’ house came THE FOURTH OF JULY. With all its brand new legalized firework glory…and we won’t talk about the fire that was started. Agghhh I am a fraidy cat so good thing I was inside when that field caught on fire. Good thing my brother is a good stamper-outer. asdkfjasdl.

Matt and Summer came over with their darling babies, Maren and Christian. Those two! Every time I see them they are cuter and cuter. Maren is so adorable—when we last saw her she wasn’t even talking, and now, she narrates everything she does: “I’m running!” and “I’m going to see Brennon.” She is so sweet. Christian was so mellow and happy, just drooling and grinning the whole day. Please sign me up for that baby.
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This is how many days Brennon has been alive. This is also my mom who is the best woman in the world.DSC_0171b DSC_0186b DSC_0177b DSC_0178b DSC_0195b DSC_0197b DSC_0200b DSC_0199b DSC_0201b DSC_0208bDSC_0207b DSC_0213b DSC_0215b DSC_0221b DSC_0224b DSC_0225b DSC_0232b DSC_0237b DSC_0235b DSC_0236b
How was your weekend? What fun were you up to??

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