Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer, Kennedy and Cameron

Summer is my dear cousin, and all of us younger cousins have idolized her for as long as I can remember. We’d beg her to do our hair, dress us up and take pictures. I remember visiting her and being thrilled that I got to stay in her room. I would perch on the edge of the bed, watch her blow-dry her hair and gaze, enthralled. She was always so glamorous.

I have so many fond memories asking her my deepest girl questions, talking about boys and what everyone wrote in her yearbook. Just the fact that she would even talk to me made me feel like a million bucks.

She is magnetic, and incredible in more ways than it would even be possible to say. I was so thrilled when she asked me to take some pictures of her and her two kids, Kennedy and Cameron. These two are such fireballs and keep me giggling the whole time! It’s unbelievable how quickly they have grown—it seems like just yesterday I was tagging along with my mom to Summer’s baby shower for Kennedy.

AGH. I just love them. We had so much fun playing “Simon Says” and “Red Light, Green Light.” They are just magic—wanting to know what color my car is and what kind of toys I have at my house. I love being around them.
DSC_0003b DSC_0023b
Oh, my! How could I forget? This is Asha. She was a very special part of our photoshoot, as per Kennedy’s insistence.
 DSC_0005b DSC_0018b DSC_0008b DSC_0017b DSC_0014b  DSC_0024b DSC_0055b  DSC_0136b DSC_0028b DSC_0034b
This is Cameron saying, “I’m not ready yet!”
DSC_0039b DSC_0047b  DSC_0118b DSC_0057b
She is probably the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, ever.DSC_0067b DSC_0068b DSC_0080b vertical2DSC_0091b DSC_0095b DSC_0094bDSC_0106b  DSC_0124b DSC_0134b DSC_0176b DSC_0189b DSC_0190b DSC_0200b DSC_0193b 
Cameron was cracking me up with his faces. He kept saying “Cheeeeeeeeese” without really smiling—hilarious.DSC_0271b DSC_0308b DSC_0315b DSC_0270b
Summer’s necklace says her kids’ names on it! I want one.
DSC_0289b DSC_0300b DSC_0282b DSC_0286b
Thanks so much, Summer and family, for letting me have an excuse to see you again!


  1. Summer is so fantabulous..and so are you Brooke! I must be the luckiest to be related to BOTH of you talented women!

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