Friday, July 15, 2011

Sam + Tyler—Groomals Part Two

We ditched the canyon for the Mt. Timpanogos temple! Betttter.

And, hey brides? I definitely recommend doing some pictures at the temple before your wedding day. Cuz, I mean, if your day is anything like mine you just wanna enjoy it. Is that a crime? So take a bite out of your pics before your day and have more time to reeeelaax. Sweet plan.
 DSC_0331b DSC_0328b DSC_0338b DSC_0339b DSC_0378b DSC_0401b DSC_0407b DSC_0314b DSC_0410b DSC_0343b DSC_0375b DSC_0371b  DSC_0390b DSC_0398b   DSC_0436b DSC_0437b DSC_0444b
And my favorite shot from the day:
DSC_0449b DSC_0430b DSC_0434b  DSC_0455b DSC_0456b DSC_0458b DSC_0459b
What’s that? You are gonna wear a white dress and you need some photos for the occasion? Lucky, lucky you. Cause I do that kind of stuff. Email me at brookebee @ gmail .com.

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  1. Brooke, your photos are fantastic. I wish I could marry Bryce again and have you as photographer! I loved my photographers, but I really enjoy your style. It's classic and creative all in one. I will definitely keep my eyes open for brides. In fact, I'm going to send you blog to my sister who just got engaged.