Monday, July 11, 2011

Melba’s “I Am Beautiful Because…”

Melba just might be my favorite person to date—her smile is infectious and she is one of the most genuinely friendly, I-love-life people. She makes you want to love your life too.

She is an advisor at Multicultural Student Services in the WSC, and since I’ve directed the gospel choir for the Martin Luther King celebration for the past few years we had lots to talk about. So did you even know that if you’re a multicultural student you can meet with Melba to chat about how everything’s going and the adjustment to BYU?

Gracious, I want to set up an appointment just so I can talk to Melba again. I have a feeling we will be bosom friends for a long time…
melba DSC_0844b DSC_0854b  DSC_0851b DSC_0876b     DSC_0890b vertical2DSC_0894b DSC_0942b DSC_0911b 
Annnd...sorry, Melba--I totally copied your nails. :)

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