Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amber + Seth: Nautical Love Shoot

Remember that super awesome giveaway I did? Amber was the lovely winner with her nautical idea and I can’t even tell you how many excited ants were in my pants about this shoot. She went all out—this girl is one talented stylist, so if you are itching for a love session of your own, check out her blog here.
Don’t worry, I definitely spent the session squealing like a little girl at Amber and Seth’s cuteness, sweating, fogging up my glasses with the sweating, and squealing some more. These two are a dream come true—so in love and not afraid to show it. They were married two years ago after meeting at BYU while living at the Riviera—where I lived once too! We all want to end up back in Washington some day, where Seth is from. It was especially wonderful working with a couple who has been married for a while as opposed to an engaged couple—they just had a safety and comfort about their relationship that was incredibly beautiful to watch.

If you’re considering a love session or anniversary session, srsly, you gotsta do it. Your love deserves as much documentation and TLC now as it did before you were married. (FYI: Anniversary sessions include getting back in your wedding dress, and a love session is just you and your love, whatever you want—more the equivalent of engagements.)

And also you should know that they are incredibly good looking. Alright, you’ve been given fair warning.DSC_0006b DSC_0047b  DSC_0041bwDSC_0011b DSC_0014bDSC_0026b
They brought hydrangeas because they were growing like crazy on their honeymoon! I love props that mean something. I hate props that mean nothing. The end.
DSC_0098b DSC_0100b
Amber made Seth’s boutonniere! Are you dying yet?
 DSC_0109b DSC_0171b DSC_0156b DSC_0133bDSC_0179b DSC_0181bDSC_0158b DSC_0145b DSC_0200bDSC_0185b DSC_0193b DSC_0207b DSC_0210b DSC_0198b DSC_0215bDSC_0219bDSC_0223bDSC_0235b DSC_0238bDSC_0248b
Ahh, I loved it with all my heart. Thanks so much, you two!


  1. These are so pretty! How fun!

  2. Brooke! I love them so much! We had so much fun working with you. Thank you for the awesome experience!