Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Billions of Celebrations

I've had about a billion things to celebrate in the past bit:

1. Jared's graduation! He's officially a college grad with a degree in Public Health from BYU. What a stud. His parents came into town and we had a blast eating delicious food at Los Hermanos, trying to devour a way-too-big cake, playing Marco Polo in our pool, and getting out of a speeding ticket driving around in Springville. This is a skill I really wish I had. If anyone offers police....er, management services, sign me up! Jared's dad said five words and POOF. Not even a chance of a ticket. How do those people do that?? Maybe I just have a guilty face.

2. Thing number two we celebrated was our anniversary! AGHH I love this man I married.

3. Thing number three was my mom's birthday--the picture is her face when she saw her new patio furniture! Which, can I just say, there are few things more wonderful than eating a gourmet breakfast outside on a perfect summer morning with the people you love? That's the life. Get yourself some of that.

4. Thing number four is being done with school for a few weeks/our anniversary again: we journeyed to California to be with Jared's family and got to see our nieces, Daylynn and Addison, for a little while yesterday. They are two of the most gorgeous children ever created, so of course I had to take some photos. SO we've been here for a bit, eating and relaxing and beaching and playing.
My life is too wonderful for me to handle sometimes. HOW did I get this lucky?

Stay tuned for more from our loverly California trip, LA and love included.


  1. what! I didn't know you took pictures. I love them! The one with Jared and Addison is too cute...I can just picture that being your kid one day ;)

  2. Celebrations! Woot! Woot! Those are some gorgeous children. What a beautiful family you have!