Monday, August 8, 2011

Camille + Logan—Maternity

Camille and I were friends in high school and now she is expecting! We planned our session for a good month, and I was giddy every time I read Camille’s emails with more creative ideas! She is a wonder.

And hey universe? Can I please be as gorgeous and put together as Camille when I’m pregnant? Because I have this strange feeling that my hair is going to be perpetually plastered to my skull with anticipatory nervous sweat and that I will never get out of my pajamas. So if you could please just sign me up to look exactly like Camille, I would very sincerely appreciate it. Love, Brooke.
*shot in west Provo, Utah

 camille1DSC_0020b DSC_0081b
This one is my FAVORITE. Ahhhh.
DSC_0015bDSC_0096b DSC_0100bDSC_0967b DSC_0968bcamille2DSC_0956b DSC_0961b DSC_0988bDSC_1013b DSC_1019bDSC_0057b DSC_0033b DSC_0117b DSC_0149bDSC_0103b DSC_0111bDSC_0118b DSC_0125b camille3DSC_0128b  DSC_0156bDSC_0155b
Congratulations, you two! Can’t wait to meet little Sadie!


  1. Hey is this the field by my house? These turned out darling!

  2. Yes it is!! The powerlines weren't bad, actually, just eliminated some angles.

  3. Ya you did a great job of the side lighting! Also when I shot there it wasn't close enough to the sun set to have them facing west, but looks like you got some gorgeous light and shots!

  4. I am in love!!! I seriously am so dang excited to see the others. These are so beautiful! Thank you for taking these for us, I will love showing Sadie when she is older what she looked like when she was in my tummy :).

  5. You are so welcome Camille, it was so much fun!