Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bianca & Greg: Married! Part 1

Bianca and Greg are officially wed and I’m so excited to share some of their photos from their big day! Forget the royal wedding (those silly copycats), this was the place to be on April 29th.
 DSC_0042bw DSC_0047b DSC_0351b DSC_0353bweb DSC_0360b DSC_0391bb
They’re laughing hysterically because I was making them squat down, which was hard, then kiss, which was harder. HA! I’ve learned a new trick—just make people do silly things and voila! Great pictures.DSC_0393bw DSC_0395b DSC_0436b DSC_0441b DSC_0468b
This picture is my favvvvvorite. Isn’t she beautiful?DSC_0470b DSC_0514bw DSC_0504b DSC_0526b
The clouds turned out to be beautiful! Who knew!DSC_0538b
DSC_0557b DSC_0584b
Luckily the snow held out for us, but you can see the goosebumps on poor Bianca’s arms…:( Dear Idaho, please be warmer the next time I come in APRIL. Thanks.
DSC_0260b DSC_0267b
How gorgeous are these dresses? And these girls?
DSC_0271b DSC_0286b DSC_0298b
So, Vanessa, you are my favorite person pretty much. She was such a good sport and made sure I had everything I needed—and when no one else wanted to have their picture taken, who volunteered but sweet darling Vanessa. And look at the beautiful results!
DSC_0886bw DSC_0904bwDSC_0869bw 
  There will be oh so much more to come!

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