Friday, May 27, 2011

Bianca & Greg: Bridals!

Okay, okay, so we shot their bridals after they got married. So sue us. I had so much fun with Greg and Bianca at the castle by the state hospital—except for the adorable prom-goers that were obstructing our picture-taking space. Shame on them. (Sidenote: it is actually not an official castle, but an amphitheater. Who woulda guessed?)

Still, we got some awesome capturization of Bianca and Greg’s love and brand new marriage.

By the way, marriage is the best. Don’t you think? If you don’t, you will after you see these pictures.

I am starting with my favorite. EEEK! How beautiful is Bianca’s train?!
DSC_0123bwDSC_0078b DSC_0118b DSC_0089b
I love the candid moments between couples. Isn’t this the stuff life is made of?!DSC_0115b DSC_0139b  DSC_0133bDSC_0144bb DSC_0148bw DSC_0300b DSC_0264b DSC_0289b
Fine—this is my other favorite. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous scenery, could it get any better?
Then we headed down to the trees—which I will forever adore. Remember the last time I was in these trees with the beautiful Kaylie and Lj?
They are pros at the serious face now :)DSC_0421bDSC_0422bDSC_0489b DSC_0466bDSC_0503bDSC_0505bDSC_0410bDSC_0568bw DSC_0457bbw 
Do you need someone to capture you and the one you love? Let’s talk.

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