Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kaylie and LJ Maternity Love SNEAK PEAK!

matThese are two of my favoritest people and they are adding a third favorite person to their little fam!
More to come very soon.
 kaylieljjan2011 027b
kaylieljjan2011 049b
kaylieljjan2011 116b
kaylieljjan2011 283b
kaylieljjan2011 274b


  1. Wow, kaylie is such a cute pregnant women, as she will be an adorable mother

  2. you are AMAZING.
    seriously woman.

    i love these.

  3. This makes me want to get pregnant just so you can take my picture.
    These are fabulous!
    I'm especially in love with the white, peeling wall. So great.
    U got skillz gurl.

  4. GAH! I love these too. I want more of these. And I want to see their baby already!